Grand Slam

Grand Slam

Grand Slam is one of the latest quartet to come out of the Miami Valley Music Men.  Four guys whose passion for music can be heard around the rehearsal hall.  

Dan Eckhart (Bass) has been singing for many years.  He started with the Dayton Philharmonic Chorus and moved to barbershop singing five years ago.  In his free time Dan also does his own barbershop arrangements and is an avid fan of his alma mater, the Naval Academy.

Bob Morrison (Tenor) is Dr. Bob during the day time and world class tenor in the evenings. Described as the voice of an angel and the friendliest guy you will meet, Bob started singing barbershop five years ago as well. 

Sam Haschke (Baritone) went from rock star to barbershop singer.  He has been involved with music his entire life.  Playing guitar and singing in two local bands before settling down in the barbershop harmony.  

JR Routt (Lead) is the director of the Miami Valley Music Men and a great lead voice.  His excitement and passion for barbershop harmony began in high school and has never waned.  He has sang with multiple quartets and is one of the most animated singers.  His favorite past time is long nights with barbershop tag singing.