No Regrets

No Regrets

Contact Dave Boos at or 937-427-0953 to arrange an appearance.

David Boos (Bass) has dedicated his whole life to singing.  He started singing at the age of six in church choir, then in school choirs beginning in 8th grade.  He has been very active in church ministry, including serving as Minister of Music for ten years at Trotwood Church of the Brethren. Dave was introduced to barbershop music in 1986, first singing with the Xenia Hospitality Chorus and later adding duel membership with the Miami Valley Music Men.  He sang bass in two registered quartets: Harmony Gents and Keep In Time.

Angel McCray (Tenor) began as a child "in the lap of barbershop."  Her dad, Chuck Thomas, was a 57-year member of the Dayton and Xenia chapters, so she grew up singing barbershop.  Angel sang with the former Kettering chapter of the Sweet Adelines and was a charter member of the Gem City Chorus, singing both tenor and bass.  When her father was in declining health, she brought him to his rehearsals, then began singing with the men (often as the only tenor.)  After Chuck's death, she remained as a beloved member.  She is active in both choruses, No Regrets, and in her church.  She has a daughter and five grandsons.

Jon Graetz (Baritone) was also raised with music, singing and playing instruments at every opportunity in church and school.  He was first introduced to barbershop in high school and sang with the Singing Buckeyes for three years.  For the next thirty years, other choirs and quartets occupied him, but barbershop was always a love.  After seeing the Miami Valley Music Men in 2011, he returned to his barbershop roots (for good.)

John Lemming (Lead) is the newest member of the quartet, joining after health issues required founding member Nick Carrera to withdraw. (We miss you, Nick!)  John began his barbershop experience in 1985 when he joined the Miami Valley Music Men.  In 1994, he relocated to Amarillo, Texas, where he sang with the Golden Spread Chorus and the www.harmony quartet.  In 2005, John returned to Dayton and rejoined the Miami Valley Music Men, singing lead and serving as an assistant director.